dir. Everardo González

Yermo, 2020, México, 76 min


Wilderness explores the unknown life in ten deserts around the world. This is a documentary built from inexperience, from misunderstanding, from surprise and mutual amazement; is a film that reflects on the idea of community, the relationship between man and his environment in which nature, beasts and human beings depend on each one to continue inhabiting a world that is supposed to be barren.

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Festivals & Awards

Producers: Inna Payán, Roberto Garza, Alfredo de Stéfano
Music: Raúl Vizzi
Cinematography: Everardo González
Editing: Paloma López Carrillo

– Ambulante en Casa, 2020

– Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara, 2020

– SANFIC, Sección Film Masters, 2020

– Selección Oficial FIDBA, 2020

– Hola México 2020

– Selección Oficial Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia, 2020

Film distributed with the support of the fiscal stimulus granted by the LISR in its article 189 to cinematographic distribution

Press Notes