dir. Everardo González

Yermo, 2020, México, 76 min


Wilderness explores the unknown life in ten deserts around the world. This is a documentary built from inexperience, from misunderstanding, from surprise and mutual amazement; is a film that reflects on the idea of community, the relationship between man and his environment in which nature, beasts and human beings depend on each one to continue inhabiting a world that is supposed to be barren.

Now in cinemas!


Festivals & Awards

Producers: Inna Payán, Roberto Garza, Alfredo de Stéfano
Music: Raúl Vizzi
Cinematography: Everardo González
Editing: Paloma López Carrillo

2020: Ambulante en Casa
2020: Guadalajara International Film Festival
2020: SANFIC, Film Masters Section
2020: FIDBA, Official Selection
2020: Hola México
2020: FICM, Official Selection 

Film distributed with the support of the fiscal stimulus granted by the LISR in its article 189 to cinematographic distribution

Press Notes