Dir. Lorenzo Hagerman

I'm Still Here | 2016 | México-España | 87 min.

The Old Thieves

Dir. Everardo González

Los ladrones viejos | 2007 | Mexico | 97 min.


The old thieves, the legends of Artegio, is the story of a generation of thieves who achieved their greatest successes in the 1960s, of the codes of conduct and ethics that characterized them, of the various “categories” of criminals that populated the streets of the city, the alliances with the police commanders that allowed them to get ahead, the betrayals that followed and the price they finally paid for it.

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Everardo González


Everardo González, Roberto Garza Angulo, Alejandro Molina, Issa Guerra

Producer company

ARTEGIOS/ Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE)

In coproduction with

Arte 7, Filmoteca de la UNAM

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