Rush Hour


Rush Hour, 2017, Mexico, Spain, 80 min


It intimately portrays the parallel stories of three characters in three of the most complex and iconic cities around the world: Mexico City, Los Angeles and Istanbul. The three share the fact of spending half the day commuting to work. Everyone feels that they are losing something essential in their lives that is not coming back. As their conflicts evolve, they can’t help but wonder: will it be possible to change your life?


Awards & Festivals

Script: Luciana Kaplan.
Producers: José Cohen | Carlos Hagerman | Martha Sosa.
Production Companies: Cactus Film & Video | La Sombra Del Guayabo.
Cinematography: Gabriel Serra.

– Winning project of the Gabriel Figueroa Film Found in, 2015
– International Premiere, South by Southwest Film Festival, 2017
– Best Documentary Feature, Morelia International Film Festival, 2017
– Canadian Premiere, HotDocs, 2018
– Ambulante, 2018

Press Notes