Silence Radio

Dir. Juliana Fanjul

Silencio radio | 2019 | Mexico-Switzerland | 79 min.


When Carmen Aristegui was fired from the radio station where she worked for revealing an important case of corruption, far from being intimidated, she became more insistent in her struggle to collect and transmit transparent information. Power is not on his side, but his research team and a network of more than 18 million listeners are missing his arbitrarily muted voice. From a close, agile and reflective perspective, Juliana Fanjul captures the character of the influential Mexican journalist, who behind the scenes reveals herself as a persistent, strong, charismatic woman with a great sense of humor. But the film is not only the fascinating portrait of an exceptional communicator, but a meticulous essay articulated from the time shared between Fanjul and Aristegui, the careful composition of the urban landscapes and the sensitive voice of the director, who dedicates a painful letter of love of a fragmented country in the face of a mixture of corruption, drug trafficking and violence.

By María Campaña Ramia, Ambulante Programmer

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Juliana Fanjul


Philippe Coeytaux, Nicolas Wadimoff, José Cohen

Producer companies

Akka Films, Cactus Docs


Jéròme Colin


Carlos Ibanez-Díaz


Yael Bitton


Marc Parazon

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