Oaxacalifornia: The Return

Dir. Trisha Ziff

Oaxacalifornia: El regreso, 2021, Mexico, USA , 84 min


An intimate portrait of three generations of a Mexican-American family in California, Oaxacalifornia: The Return revisits the Mejía family twenty-five years after they were first portrayed negotiating their place in a new environment, digging deep into the complexities of multigenerational immigrant identities and the nuances of both belonging and otherness to become a moving epic about the fabric of this nation.

Now on these cinemas:

| Friday 24 to Thursday 1st, 18:00 hrs.

| Tuesday 29, 18:00 hrs.

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Trisha Ziff


Andrew Houchens, Isabel del Río

Executive producers

Lawrence Davin, Alejandro Springall, Sylvia Steven

Associate producers

Daniela Alatorre, Elena Fortes


Hugo Villa Smythe, Alan Suárez


Felipe Pérez Burchard, Mario García Joya, Seamus McGarvey

Writer & editor

Jorge Márquez

Sound designer

Pablo Lach


Fernando Maganda

Original score

Jacobo Lieberman, Andrés Sánchez Maher

Press notes


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