Dir. Lorenzo Hagerman

I'm Still Here | 2016 | México-España | 87 min.

No Place Like Home

Dir. Carlos Hagerman

El patio de mi casa | 2015 | Mexico | 90 min.


A hopeful portrait of Mexico where we find the possibility of transforming the lives of others by creating bridges between different realities. Oscar Hagerman is an architect who leads a life designing solutions to make a decent, beautiful and cheap house. The teacher Dora, his wife, has dedicated herself to finding the best way to learn to teach. This is the loving portrait of a couple who have been working together all their lives. However, now is the time to pass the message on to Enedino and Isabel, two young people who are going to receive this heritage of experience and knowledge.

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Carlos Hagerman


Martha Sosa, Carlos Hagerman


Carlos Hagerman, Lorenzo Hagerman y Hatuey Viveros.

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La Sombra del Guayabo

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