Dir. Lorenzo Hagerman

I'm Still Here | 2016 | México-España | 87 min.


Dir. Karina García Casanova

Juanicas | 2015 | Canada-Mexico | 78 min.


This autobiographical debut feature is the harrowing chronicle of a family struggling with rootlessness and mental illness. When she learns that her brother Juan has returned to Quebec after spending time in Mexico, his place of origin, Karina García Casanova decides to film him. Her purpose is clear from the beginning, she is not interested in home movies, but is willing to make a real film. His project quickly takes a dramatic turn when Juan suffers a desperate relapse of depression and paranoia. It is not unusual for a feature film to emerge from a fairly personal journey; but rare are those that demonstrate such mature introspection. Here the cinema is nothing less than the essential tool to reconstruct being.

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Karina García Casanova


Karina García Casanova, Daniela Flori


Karina García Casanova, Pablo Alvarez-Mesa, Glauco Bermudez, Carlos Ferrand

Executive producers

Bob Moore, Mila Aung-Thwin, Daniel Cross

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