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Theatrical release in Mexico, August 18, 2021

Witkin and witkin

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Witkin and Witkin explores the world of the twin artists in the winter of their lives; Joel-Peter internationally renowned photographer and Jerome, a realist and academic painter, “Joey and Jerry.” A feature-length documentary film produced in Mexico with funding from EFICINE and a Mexican crew, filmed predominantly in English; with American protagonists, it is a film filmed in Albuquerque, Syracuse and Mexico City.



It intimately portrays the parallel stories of three characters in three of the most complex and iconic cities around the world: Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Istanbul.

Artegios Distribution

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Artegios Production

We are a Mexican production company specialized in the documentary genre. In 2007, the first documentary produced by Artegios, “Los Ladrones Viejos”, was released, which won several national and international awards.