Heiress of the Wind

dir. gloria carrión fonseca

Heredera del Viento, 2018, Nicaragua, 88 min


In 1979, Nicaragua, a decades-long dictatorship, was overthrown and the revolutionary Sandinistas seized power. As for young Gloria, they are superheroes, particularly since her parents are on the front lines of the coup and the subsequent civil war. But the revolution takes its toll: their parents’ dedication to the cause means they have little time for their children. Years later, her adult daughter addresses the camera while touching on painful topics related to her parents.


Awards & Festivals

Producers: Gloria Carrión Fonseca, Natalia Hernández,
T. Woody Richman, Julio López.
Script: Gloria Carrión Fonseca.
Editing: Eduardo Araica.
Cinematography: Juli Carné.

– IDFA Bertha Fund, International Premiere, IDFA Bertha Fund Award for Production and Postproduction
– Film supported by Tribeca TFI Latin America Fund
– Mexico-Central America Stimulus for Documentary Film Encounters Cinergia Award
– Central America Award Concludes in Making Industry Festival Icaro

Press Notes