Devil’s Freedom

Dir. Everardo González

La libertad del diablo| 2017 | Mexico | 74 min.


In Mexico, as the cartels prosper and grow ever more relentless, the phenomenon of violence has become a tragic feature of life and part of the country’s subconscious. Through first-hand testimonies from both the victims and the perpetrators, La Libertad del Diablo explores how fear and uncertainty have penetrated all levels of Mexican society – asking what meaning lies within this violence and the profound fear that this engenders. More than a film about the violent acts themselves, La Libertad del Diablo is a psychological plunge into nightmares and the absence that so many dead bodies leave behind. The interplay of these personal stories form a complex web of universal echoes, a reflection on the nature of our deepest fears and the darkest features of the human psyche.

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Everardo González


Roberto Garza, Inna Payán


María Secco


Paloma López Carrillo

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