El Paso

dir. Everardo González

El Paso, 2015, Mexico, 76 min


This is the story of the families that for a time were our witnesses, our eyes and our voice but who, when threatened, were forced to live in exile, in search of political asylum. It is not about powerful or recognized feathers, but about invisible reporters who represent the most fragile links in the news chain and who today are in migratory limbo.

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Awards & Festivals

Producers: Roberto Garza y Bertha Navarro.
Directed, Script y Cinematography by: Everardo González.
Editing: Clementina Mantellini.
Interviews: Ricardo Chávez Aldana, Alejandro Pacheco, Miguel López Solana, Carlos Spector.

– Official Selection, Ambulante Award, 2015
– Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), 2015
– Official Selection, Warriors of the Press Award, Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG), 2015
– Official Selection, Traveling Documentary Tour, 2015

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