A Wolfpack Called Ernesto

Dir. Everardo González

Una jauría llamada Ernesto | 2023 | Mexico, France, Switzerland | 78 min.


A succession of individual views become the segments of one collective character: the kid who in a certain moment of his life had access to a gun, used it to kill, and soon became a part of the many pieces that conform a crime organization. It's a travel exploration to the bowels of the most fragile link on the chain of a crime organization, victims as well as perpetrators, which confirms the pain that means to fear a kid.



Everardo González


Roberto Garza, Inna Payán

Producer company

Animal de luz films, Artegios


Jean-Christophe Simon

Online producers

Arturo Malacara, Juan de Jesús Morales Cruz

Executive producers

Dan Wechsler, Andreas Roald, Jamal Zeinal-zade, Marie Jeanne Kushfe, Dayana Rodrigues


María Secco

Direct sound

Bernat Fortiana

Original music

Andrés Sánchez Maher, Haxah, Konk Reyes

Script & investigation

Óscar Balderas, Daniela Rea, Everardo González


Paloma López Carrillo

Sound design

Matías Barberis

Press notes