Witkin & Witkin


Witkin y Witkin: Un fotógrafo y un pintor, 2017, Mexico, USA, 86 min


Witkin and Witkin explores the world of the twin artists in the winter of their lives; Joel-Peter internationally renowned photographer and Jerome, a realist and academic painter, “Joey and Jerry.” A feature-length documentary film produced in Mexico with funding from EFICINE and a Mexican crew, filmed predominantly in English; with American protagonists, it is a film filmed in Albuquerque, Syracuse and Mexico City.

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Festivals & Awards

Composer: Jacobo Lieberman.
Producers: Trisha Ziff, Isabel del Río, Luis Arenas.
Cinematography: Claudio Rocha, Felipe Pérez-Burchard.
Executive Producers: Rick O’Shea, Jake Scott, Simón Bross, Pablo Zimbrón Alva, Victor Leycegui, Beto Bross.

– International Premiere, Morelia International Film Festival
– Los Cabos International Film Festival
– Made in Mexico Program, Hot Docs in Toronto
– Minneapolis Saint Paul International Film Fest Careyes Art Festival
– San Francisco Doc Fest

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