The Silence of the Flies


El Silencio de las Moscas, 2013,  Venezuela, 92 min


Marcelina (48) and Mercedes (56) live in neighboring towns of agricultural communities in the Venezuelan Andes. They both share the same tragic story: Their teenage daughters have committed suicide, as have many other people in that rural area in recent years. Through the memory of their losses and grief, the film takes us into a world of tangible pain in which silence has become a very significant feature of this idyllic and visually powerful but violent natural setting. Life stories, psychological autopsies, evocative objects and art intermingle in The Silence of the Flies, a documentary essay that follows the daily lives of these people who inhabit a world of grief and guilt, where silence in vain aspires to make them forget.

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Awards & Festivals

Script and Directed by: Eliezer Arias.
Production Company: Nortesur Producciones C.A.
Producers: Raúl Bravo, Eliezer Arias, Charles Martínez.
Executive producer: Raúl Bravo.
Executive coproducer: Eliezer Arias, Gonzalo Chacón.
Interviews: Mercedes Millán, Marcelina Becerra.

– Best Documentary Feature Film of Latin America, International Documentary Film Festival of the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, Santo Domingo 2014.
– Official Selection, Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival IDFA 2013.
– Official Selection, Cinélatino Recontres de Toulouse, France 2014
– Official Selection, Guadalajara International Film Festival, Mexico, 2014

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