The Open Sky

dir. Everardo gonzález

El Cielo Abierto, 2011, Mexico, 100 min


First it was the word, then the killing bullet, and then the silence. Thus begins the documentary about Monsignor Óscar Arnulfo Romero, the voice of the voiceless in El Salvador, the pastor who, in the midst of one of the crudest civil wars on the continent, dared to say that the mission of the Church was to identify with the poor. Monsignor Romero was assassinated on March 24, 1980, in one of those long-announced crimes, an aspect that The Open Sky works as an inevitable fate given what was happening in that country.

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Awards & Festivals

Production Companies: Artegios
Directed by: Everardo González
Script: Everardo González
Cinematography: Everardo González
Editing: Juan Manuel Figueroa

– Press Award, FICG26, 2011
– SIGNIS Recognition, 5th Ibero-American Documentary Memory Festival
– José Rovirosa Award 2011 for the Best Mexican Documentary, 2011
– Best Documentary Script Award at ATLANTICDOC, 2011
– Ambulante, 2011

Press Notes