dir. Everardo González

Cuates de Australia, 2011, Mexico, 97 min


The inhabitants of “Cuates de Australia”, an ejido in northwestern Mexico, migrate in search of water during the dry season. In his absence, the desert animals take over the place. In exile, men, women, the elderly and children; they await the arrival of the first drops of rain to be able to return.

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Awards & Festivals

Production Companies: Producción Cinematográfica de Calidad (FOPROCINE – MÉXICO). Con el apoyo de: Jan Vrijman Fund / Tribeca Film Institute.
Producer: Martha Orozco.
Editing: Clementina Mantellini / Felipe Gómez.
Cinematography: Everardo González .

– Best Documentary, Nomination, Platinum Awards, 2014
– Best Documentary Feature Film, Ariel Award, 2013
– Best Sound, Ariel Award, 2013
– Best Documentary, Lima Latin American Film Festival, 2012
– Best Documentary, Los Angeles Film Festival, 2012

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